Paper Pliers is a brand of personalized wire written art.

It is a unique expression of the artist’s hand writing that aims to rejoice individuality, affirm positivity, and memorialize special days.

Our wire written celebrations hope to define, remind and celebrate with you and your loved ones.

All products and designs are hand made in The Philippines.

The Artist


Hello! I’m Anrea Sahagun, the Manila-based owner and resident wire writer behind Paper Pliers.

I started wire writing out of following my curiosity on what projects I can do with wire. I ended up making my first wire written bookmark. Then I thought, ‘what if I incorporate my cursive and calligraphy writing on wire?’ That’s where I get my inspiration: the idea of combining letter forming techniques and wire working.

Because of the lack of information about wire writing online and offline, I had to self-study the techniques. The joy and excitement of figuring it out by myself kept me indulged in the craft.

When I’m not busy with wires, I read, play video games, or make funny faces to my baby with my husband.

See more of my story here.

You may contact me at hellopaperpliers@gmail.com.

Selected Press: