Hello! I’m Anrea Sahagun, the Manila-based maker and wire artist behind Paper Pliers.

I started wire writing in early 2014 out of following my curiosity on what projects I can do with wire. I ended up making my first wire written bookmark. After sharing my works, I was encouraged by friends and family to pursue this hobby as a business. That made me excited because it has always been my dream to start a business with products I am proud and happy to make. After months of planning and practicing, I published Paper Pliers’ Facebook and Instagram pages on November 2014.

I have always enjoyed any art and craft that has anything to do with letter forms (besides writing and reading). I believed that lead me to pursue writing on wire on top of other wire working techniques.

Paper Pliers offers a unique way of celebrating individuality (names and favorite letters), and celebrating life (words and statements that reminds us of inspiration, persistence, and compassion).

These are celebrations written on wire, and are proudly handmade in The Philippines.

Shop for Paper Pliers’ wire written pieces in all Common Room PH branches.

*Online shop is currently closed and under construction. Stay tuned for announcements of shop opening!

Say hello at hellopaperpliers@gmail.com.

Selected Press: