Craft Markets and Pop-Ups (2017)

2017 is the year of starting again, after a 10-month long pause in 2016 – because I had a baby! Like a new parent, I approached it with doubts, desperation, and lots of sleepless nights. It surprised me with wonderful opportunities for the brand that I never could have imagined. I am so grateful and proud that the handmade and local arts-and-crafts community is not only growing, but getting stronger.

Thank you for giving us the chance to sell our works and make a living from our handmade ventures!

Maker’s Market

MM-CS_PaperPliers (1)Merchant List Poster-01MM_CCM_PaperPliersMakersMarketJuneHeaderMM_CS-PaperPliers-updatedfacebook-event-banner-central-square-maker's-market-aug-2017-01FB Event Page-01ImAMerchantPoster

BGC Art Mart


Common Room PH Pop-Ups

(Mother’s Day @ Rockwell Powerplant Mall: #CraftingAHome)

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(Father’s Day @ Alabang Town Center: #CraftingAHome)


(Poveda Pop-Up)


Unlike the events I attended in 2015, I am in a much slower pace in 2017 when it comes to participating bazaars. Not only that I want to take it slow. Honestly, I lack the manpower to help me man my booth. 80 percent of the bazaars I attended, I was the only person present. I had to do all the work.

Talking to people, taking orders, calculating totals (thank God for calculators!!!), on-the-spot making, packaging each piece – all of these while doing all of these, because I have to try to accommodate everyone. (But I really can’t accommodate everyone, so apologies if you tried and I failed to respond efficiently.)

Even though it leaves me exhausted, bazaars are always a fun, rich experience. Not only do I get to do observe and take notes of the process of manning a booth, I also get to see fellow maker friends and meet in person clients and Paper Pliers’ online followers! Thank you so much for your patronage!

Hope to see you in 2018!

Craft Fairs and Bazaars (2015)

Ever since our first craft fair, we have been setting up our booths in different bazaars all over Metro Manila. Here is a list of what made us occupied outside of our home-base in 2015.

Maker’s Market

Homegrown by The Polaris Project


Carousel Caravan

Overhaul Bazaar

Gitana: Art + Music


Saturday X Future Market at Escolta


Katipunan Weekend Market

BGC Midnight Mercato

Block Party


Type Kita


DMC Philippines’ Handcrafted: Paper Pliers First Craft Fair! (Experience)

First craft fair = SUCCESS!

How did we define our success? We made it alive!

I know that craft fairs are supposed to be fun and exciting, where crafters, craft enthusiasts, handmade-product fans and craft-material hoarders (like me) get giddy and wide-eyed at the amazing handcrafted pieces and craft supplies. But being an exhibitor, being part of the event itself is a WHOLE LOT different.

Yes, I did get giddy seeing supplies, handmade pieces, and my craft idols (yes, I’m a total craft worshiper). But I also felt scared and unsure at first. Is the booth set-up presentable? Do we look okay? Am I saying the right things? Do I sound rude? Should I say hello to my idols? Should I speak this way or that way? Are we insane to agree attending this event? And so on and so forth.

The good thing about fear is that it introduces you to non-existent zones, stretching you from what you are to become what you will be. The bad thing is, it intimidates you so much, you just want to lock yourself in a cabin and eat the key so no one will find you.

We took advantage of fear. We played with it by thinking – these are three days full of lessons (just like in a classroom), three days that strengthens our bond (as a couple), and three days to test the waters on this venture. If it works, YEHEY for us! If it doesn’t work, lesson learned; let’s do something to improve it.

Fortunately, no one ate us during the fair – so we made it alive! PHEW!

Thank you so much for the heartwarming and sweet comments that we received during the three-day event. We may not remember all your names and faces (though I can still remember all the pieces that I made on-the-spot), but we’ll never forget the giddiness we saw when you received the pieces. Nothing compares to the feeling of being appreciated to what I can do – especially that what I do started as a hobby and stress reliever.

It’s been more than a week since the craft fair, and the experience is still so fresh to us. We’re still in awe. It humbles us, truly!

My husband, Carlo, and our booth
Me and our booth




One of the pieces I handcrafted on-the-spot!
Soul Flower’s booth – Chic handmade accessories

You may check more of Soul Flower’s pieces here – They also offer leather cuff making workshops at Craft MNL – I was one of their participants in their first workshop, and I tell you, HAMMERING is FUN! Will write a separate blog post on that. 🙂

Joy Ann of The Quillist – She has colorful designs and pieces, ranging from gift tags to home decors. Check out her works here:
Knitting Expedition’s booth – These monsters are handcrafted by “women who tend to the rice terraces in the Ifugao region”. Each is given a name and a personality card. More of them here –
Attended knitting workshop facilitated by Candy Reyes of Knitting Expedition
With Rea of Marie Kit PH

Marie Kit PH offers dainty and personalized pieces (bracelets, charms, crocheted ribbons, crocheted cord holders) all handcrafted by Rea and her mom. Check them out here –

With Trey, the Gantsilyo Guru

Yes, THE Gantsilyo Guru. I’ve been following her blog since last year, but nothing beats taking a picture with her. YAY!

With Mansy of Hey Kessy

SUPER STOKED taking a picture with her. Her blog and social media feed has been my every day inspiration since I started crafting last year – so when I asked her to take a picture with me, I was screaming inside. I’ve seen her a couple of times but was too shy to come by and take a picture with her. Thanks to my cousin-in-law.

I’ve also attended one of her workshops: Rubbercut stamp making, a collaboration with Alessa Lanot of Life After Breakfast.

With Ebony, the owner of the hands of HandsLovePaper
Beautiful paper cut works of HandsLovePaper

Ebony is another awesome crafter! It was my first time to catch her beautifully designed and intricate paper cut pieces in a craft fair. Seeing them in front of me was so inspiring! More of her works here:,

Handing Karla some wire pieces as a gift
WIth Karla, the awesome creative person behind Damgo

Damgo (a Visayan word for Dream) offers beautiful dreamcatchers, all handcrafted from scratch. Her dreamcatchers’ rings are made of twisted, hardened twigs. Sometimes these rings are painted by her daughter, Isla. All of the beads are from Cebu (Karla’s hometown). Her story behind Damgo is so beautiful, you’ll know that each piece is done with so much love and passion. I’m not a believer of dreamcatchers, because it seems trendy nowadays. But when Karla told us that she only makes dreamcatchers (no accessorized version) because she wants to keep the Native American tradition alive – I became a believer.

I attended her workshop, and it was my first time to make dreamcatchers. I made sure that each knot is sealed with a prayer of pushing nightmares away.

More of her creations here:

Making dreamcatchers
With Marielle of Craft MNL, and Karla of Damgo
With Alex, one of the organizers of DMC Handcrafted Arts and Crafts Fair
With our photographer, Jayk


Thank you DMC Philippines for giving us this wonderful opportunity!


*Credits to Jayka S. Herrera for the photos
**I was not paid to write this post. I’m just SUPER STOKED. WAAAH!

DMC Philippines’ Handcrafted: Paper Pliers First Craft Fair!

We’ll be having our first craft fair on January 30, 31 and February 1. Yes, that’s for three days. Three days full of arts and crafts! The best part is, it’s hosted by DMC Philippines!

The best-est part is, we’re listed with the craft celebs that I’ve been following since I started this crafting streak! Reading their blogs and checking their social media feed inspired me to try different crafting techniques and motivated me to start this business.

So, when I found out that they will also be part of the event – imagine how high I jumped!

Here are just some of them:

AlessaLanot Handcrafted

Hey Kessy Handcrafted

SoulFlower Handcrafted

CraftMNL Handcrafted

Handcrafted Craft Carrot

Handcrafted Trey

Free workshops will be held too!

DMC Handcrafted workshops

To join their workshops, like DMC Philippines’ Facebook page ( AND follow Instagram account ( Share any of their post on their Facebook page (about the Handcrafted event) with hashtag ‪#‎dmchandcrafted‬

Then e-mail your name, contact number and preferred workshop at

Slot confirmation will be emailed on January 28. (That’s tomorrow!)

Handcrafter DMC

Here’s the location of the event:

Century City Mall Makati

See you there!

DMC colors