Paper Pliers Featured on Good Morning Pilipinas

When I opened again last October, I thought that things would take slow. My husband and I decided to be stay-at-home, hands-on, and full-time parents. We know that there are opportunities for Paper Pliers that we won’t be able to take. We’ll only open the shop online, nothing more. No bazaars, fairs, and other events that would be difficult for us to manage. Prioritizing one leads to loosing others, and we don’t have any regrets deciding such.

But when I was invited to guest on Good Morning Pilipinas, my husband suddenly had a change of heart. He told me to take it. Besides that it’s my first time to shoot live, it’s a great ending year gift for us. Opportunities like these should not be turned down, especially that I’m picking up the pieces where I left this business. It’s a good start.




Thank you Good Morning Pilipinas and Mariane for the feature!



Paper Pliers’ HomeStyle TV Video Feature

2015 was a year of many firsts. First craft fair. First online magazine feature. First sponsorship. And first video shoot.

Just like any other firsts, my first video shooting made me feel like my bones were trembling and my heart had a life of its own.

After receiving Gen, the producer’s email on wanting to make a video feature of Paper Pliers, I needed a few moments to breathe. My first thought was “My awkward face will be seen by a lot of people.” Introvert problems. Talking to a lot of people is nerve-wracking, let alone talking to a camera, which will be viewed by an unknown number of audience. Yet, like any challenge that I face in this business, I terrifyingly accepted the offer.

Since my problem was the fear of embarrassing myself because of awkwardness (stuttering, wrong grammar, tongue-tied), I had to figure out a way to solve this. I am a “somehow” a better speaker if I know what I am talking about. The good thing was that Gen provided a set of questions that will be asked during the video interview. Since I’m better in expressing myself through writing, I wrote down my answers first, revised, and rehearsed it repeatedly, while working on orders. Talking to several people at Blissmakerie also helped me practice and somehow build my composure.

September 29. It was really scary at first, but I made it!


Thank you Gen and the crew for the effort, patience (repeat shoots, background noise, the heat), and the heart-warming awe towards our wire products! I’m still regretting that I wasn’t able to get a picture with all of you because this experience is definitely one for the books!

Check out the video here:


*Photos taken by my ever supportive husband. ❤


Paper Pliers at Blissmakerie 2015

Last year, Audrey Angcos of Cheerful Journey invited me to be a sponsor of Blissmakerie. I did not hesitate for a second. An event filled with inspiring conversations is not something to be missed! I support events that empower women to follow their dreams with meaningful intent and authenticity – no matter what.

I was asked to provide bookmarks for the attendees, and centerpieces for the event venue. At that time, I don’t know how a wire-written centerpiece would be like. This made me excited, because it’s another challenge to take on.

It still feels surreal seeing my self-designed logo, posted together with popular brands.

What I didn’t expect was another challenge that terrified me to the bones. Audrey reserved a seat for me, and requested to share my story with my table mates. “How did I follow my bliss?”

I didn’t have the confidence to present myself as someone who has an inspirational story. I can definitely do it after three years – but the event won’t wait that long to hear me talk.

Mateo’s Garden Cafe in Quezon City (photo courtesy of Make it Blissful)

I arrived early to help install the centerpieces. The event area has an installation of glass walls, where natural light streams. It’s perfect to set the blissful ambiance of the event.

As more people arrive, my legs wanted to run but my heart wanted to stay. The younger me would only want to sit down, listen, and nod; she’d probably reject the offer just to avoid talking.

Yet having Paper Pliers demands opportunities like this to pressure myself and present myself out there. When I started this business, I knew that I will encounter challenges that are out of my comfort zone. Despite that, I chose to remain because I intend to grow as a better person.

So I prepared and shared away. It was intimidating, since I was seated with known personalities in blogging, writing, and TV industry. But the experience was worth it. (Again, I made it out alive!)

(photo courtesy of Make it Blissful)

Besides the time that we, the sponsors, shared stories, we also listened to inspiring talks from April San Pedro, Martine de Luna and the owner of Mateo’s.

April owned a cafe in Davao called Yellow Hauz, where it houses workshops and events. She also maintains a blog, I am Artisan. I was greatly inspired by her story of how she found her passion in arts and coffee-making, even if she’s an accounting graduate. I relate to her because I’m not a fine arts or design graduate too, and yet I’m pursuing something close to that. It just means that no one is exempted in following their dreams.

In between talks, we were served with delicious meals and snacks prepared by Mateo’s. I will definitely dine in here someday with my family.

What made everyone excited was when we were given our Blissful box, curated by the Blissmakerie team: Martine, Audrey, Rikka and Carmel. Of course, a Paper Pliers wire-written bookmark was included in the set.

Blissmakerie happened on a rainy day in September 2015, which is my birth month. Attending this event was the perfect present for me. After pulling off the ribbon and gift wrapper, I see my uplifted and blissful heart ready to take on more adventures with Paper Pliers.

Thank you very much Audrey for this opportunity!

Glad I was able to take a picture of the centerpiece before everyone arrived.
(photo courtesy of Make it Blissful)


How to Pursue Your Passion #RealTalkTambay

The whole time that I was pregnant and nursing, I was crocheting. It’s the easiest craft to handle. Unlike a set of pliers, wires, and trinkets where I need a table to put them all down, crocheting is light and portable.

Yet, when I checked out the photos that we took last year, I suddenly missed crafting with wires. Wire working is not a popular craft, which made it exciting for me because I was walking on unknown grounds. I felt that I was challenging the arts and crafts community by bringing something that only few local creatives ventured. It was also scary because I had no mentor nor a book to teach me to better my wire working skills.

Remembering this, my gigil was reborn. I wanted to work with Paper Pliers again.

So last month, I found myself registering for the Round 2 of #RealTalkTambay, organized by Ella Lama, a Manila-based Illustrator and fellow entrepreneur. It’s a conference where invited speakers share the difficult but satisfying reality behind the glamorous Instagramed world of arts and crafts.

Attending this session refreshed my perspective to the growing ‘micro-business arts and crafts’ community. I was reminded of the reason why I wanted to be part of these group of people, why I wanted to be like my idols.

What I love about the set of invited speakers was that each have a unique set of experiences. One speaker shared of quitting the corporate world and being a full-time creative. Another spoke of having a day job, while being a commissioned artist. Another speaker shared leaving the corporate world, going full-time as a freelance, and then working for a corporation again.

It made me realize that these people are humans, just like everyone else. Just because they have thousands of followers doesn’t mean that they have their ducks in a row, or that they have planned their future ahead. They struggled in every challenge presented to them. They make do with what they can and have to overcome these challenges.

What made them all the similar are two things:

  1. They have pursued and/or are pursuing what they are good at.
  2. They are well aware of the reality that money is an important aspect of pursuing any passion.

If you feel stuck between wanting to pursue your passion to having a day job, needed to feel supported in pursuing a creative life, or wanted to know how to be like your creative idols – make sure to follow Ella Lama’s Instagram feed to watch out for the next tambay session sometime November. It’s worth it. (Congrats Ella!)

One of the best takeaways from this session that I very much agree on is:

If you want to pursue your passion, embrace the ugly parts.

I’ve read somewhere that it’s not enough to set goals to reach your dream. What matters more is showing up every day. No matter what mood, what type of work you should be doing, even though you know you’ll end up making junk, show up. That’s the only way to achieve goals, to be successful in the pursuit of your passion.

Formulating my ordering system, accounting finances, inventory check, and accommodating each inquiry were not a walk in the park. It was fun at first, but since I’m obligated to do it, it felt tedious.

But that’s okay. I accepted it. I knew that these things are part of what I signed up for. I don’t have to love every aspect of owning a business. If I don’t do them at all, how else would I be able to manage my business?

That’s what I’ve been doing for the past couple of weeks: fixing papers, inventory check, organizing photos, and writing a lot of lists – while taking care of a newborn.

New pit stop: Business in a ‘newborn-baby-and-parenting’ city

Yes, Paper Pliers is up and running again.



Check out our newly-renovated website and our order form

Breaking the Internet Silence


I haven’t written anything here for more than a year. The last post was March 2015 and you haven’t heard anything from this space ever since. Nevertheless, I’ve been actively posting updates and news in Paper Pliers’ Facebook and Instagram page.

Until after December 2015.

Last year was a really busy year for us. A year of firsts. A year of struggles. A year of conquering myself. My goal last year was to measure the potential of the craft business and my potential as an entrepreneur and artist. Then one day, while manning a booth at BGC Midnight Mercato, I felt very ill and nauseous. I thought this happened because I was pushing myself to the limits. I needed to take a break.

When we visited the doctor, we found out that the exhaustion happened not because of overworking. It was because, we were expecting! Yay!

Of course, we weren’t going to use that as an excuse to back out from our commitments. So we kept it to ourselves for a couple of weeks to our family and friends, and a couple of months to our followers. We decided to finish everything before the year ends, and vowed to rest after that. We wanted to focus on our pregnancy and on taking care of our baby.

Hence, the reason why we were silent for quite awhile.

View this post on Instagram

Hello everyone! Sorry for going MIA for half a year — BUT it’s because of a very great reason. We are expecting! 👶 YAAAY! 🎉🎉🎉 That said, we still won’t be able to go back to work as we’re “wiring” ourselves to be new parents. Thank you for our clients who believed in us for the past year, most especially the last two months. It was great effort to try to balance everything, while keeping our bearing during the first trimester of pregnancy (morning sickness and crazy hormones 😭). Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos to us and to your family and friends, and for letting everyone know how you appreciate our handmade wire-written pieces. We greatly miss working for Paper Pliers — conversing with our online and repeat clients, craft fairs, events. We’re planning to get back to work and offer our personalized services before the year ends. We’ll keep you posted! 💌 – Anrea & Carlo

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But not for long.


PS: You might have noticed that I renovated our website. I’ve been organizing our photos and creating lists lately. I’ll talk more about this on my next blog post. 🙂