Paper Pliers at Blissmakerie 2015

Last year, Audrey Angcos of Cheerful Journey invited me to be a sponsor of Blissmakerie. I did not hesitate for a second. An event filled with inspiring conversations is not something to be missed! I support events that empower women to follow their dreams with meaningful intent and authenticity – no matter what.

I was asked to provide bookmarks for the attendees, and centerpieces for the event venue. At that time, I don’t know how a wire-written centerpiece would be like. This made me excited, because it’s another challenge to take on.

It still feels surreal seeing my self-designed logo, posted together with popular brands.

What I didn’t expect was another challenge that terrified me to the bones. Audrey reserved a seat for me, and requested to share my story with my table mates. “How did I follow my bliss?”

I didn’t have the confidence to present myself as someone who has an inspirational story. I can definitely do it after three years – but the event won’t wait that long to hear me talk.

Mateo’s Garden Cafe in Quezon City (photo courtesy of Make it Blissful)

I arrived early to help install the centerpieces. The event area has an installation of glass walls, where natural light streams. It’s perfect to set the blissful ambiance of the event.

As more people arrive, my legs wanted to run but my heart wanted to stay. The younger me would only want to sit down, listen, and nod; she’d probably reject the offer just to avoid talking.

Yet having Paper Pliers demands opportunities like this to pressure myself and present myself out there. When I started this business, I knew that I will encounter challenges that are out of my comfort zone. Despite that, I chose to remain because I intend to grow as a better person.

So I prepared and shared away. It was intimidating, since I was seated with known personalities in blogging, writing, and TV industry. But the experience was worth it. (Again, I made it out alive!)

(photo courtesy of Make it Blissful)

Besides the time that we, the sponsors, shared stories, we also listened to inspiring talks from April San Pedro, Martine de Luna and the owner of Mateo’s.

April owned a cafe in Davao called Yellow Hauz, where it houses workshops and events. She also maintains a blog, I am Artisan. I was greatly inspired by her story of how she found her passion in arts and coffee-making, even if she’s an accounting graduate. I relate to her because I’m not a fine arts or design graduate too, and yet I’m pursuing something close to that. It just means that no one is exempted in following their dreams.

In between talks, we were served with delicious meals and snacks prepared by Mateo’s. I will definitely dine in here someday with my family.

What made everyone excited was when we were given our Blissful box, curated by the Blissmakerie team: Martine, Audrey, Rikka and Carmel. Of course, a Paper Pliers wire-written bookmark was included in the set.

Blissmakerie happened on a rainy day in September 2015, which is my birth month. Attending this event was the perfect present for me. After pulling off the ribbon and gift wrapper, I see my uplifted and blissful heart ready to take on more adventures with Paper Pliers.

Thank you very much Audrey for this opportunity!

Glad I was able to take a picture of the centerpiece before everyone arrived.
(photo courtesy of Make it Blissful)