Frequently Asked Questions

I: How to Order

Hello! We’re currently not taking any orders. We’ll be taking a break from online work. (as of January 20, 2018)

You can find our ready-made products at both Common Room PH branches. Click here to see where to find them.

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to receive updates on future bazaars that we’ll be participating. We offer on-the-spot services there – so stay tuned!

II. Care

1. What kind of wire are you using?
We’re using plated aluminium wire. Aluminium does not rust.

2. Will the wire pieces bend?
Wire-written bookmarks are hardened before they are shipped out. This is to prevent it from breaking due to accidents (i.e. dropping). However, it’s still not immune to forceful actions – such as bending. So, DO NOT BEND the wire.

3. How do I take care of my wire bookmark?
Bookmarks are meant to be kept inside a book. If you’re not using it, we recommend to place it in a pencil holder, keep it inside a book, or the envelope that we used to package it.

4. My wire-written bookmark/bag tag was broken. Do I get a replacement?
We don’t offer replacements for broken pieces. Before we ship them, it undergoes tight quality control. We make sure that they are in great shape and in very good condition. We make sure to send clear and actual photos of the finished pieces before shipment. We also make sure to wrap it tightly and safely in a bubble wrap.

We trust that our clients have read the FAQs on taking care of their pieces. Since they are made of aluminium wire, they do not need high maintenance – unlike silver and gold pieces. With great care, your wire-written pieces will definitely last long.

We rarely consider replacement if it’s due to a circumstance that the courier has damaged or misplaced the shipment. Please message us for any shipment mishandling problems within 24 hours from the time that you received your package.

III. On Reselling and Distribution

1. Can I resell the products that I bought from you?
No. We have not acknowledged anyone to resell our products and services – except our stockists.

2. I want you to make me a customized-shaped product.
Sorry, we are not currently taking commissions.

3. Someone wants me to make your product for a cheaper price. / I saw a shop that sells bookmarks with the same design as yours.
We have NOT given permission to anyone to make our designs for profit purposes. As much as we like to encourage people to work with wire, we are highly against the act of plagiarism

Plagiarism is the practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own. 

We support the growing community of small craft entrepreneurs, and one way to do that is to respect fellow artists and designers behind each local and international brand. We do not take on projects that requests us to copy a design of our fellow wire artists, because we take great pride and dignity to our own work. We understand and respect the creativity, blood and sweat that artists have placed on each of their designs. We ask that you do the same as well.

We greatly appreciate you looking out for us, and we will continue to be grateful for reports of shops who are allegedly stealing our designs and our photos.


4. “I want to order 200 pieces, but it’s too expensive for our budget. Can you offer it half the price? I will promote your business to all of my guests! I’m a sure buyer!”

The discounts we offer are all displayed in the price list. Please understand that all pieces are done by hand and done with love by only one artisan. Making more than 10 or 50 pieces is not easy labor, regardless of the length or the simplicity of the design. The prices that we offer equates to the quality of the product and craftsmanship that we do.

IV: Collaborations, sponsorships, etc.

1. For collaborations, sponsorship, invitations, etc., please send your proposals to hellopaperpliers(at)gmail(dot)com.

2. Can I grab photos from your Facebook album/Instagram account?
Please message us first before grabbing any photos. Most of the photos that we upload are client orders. It would be rude for the clients to see their products being used by a non-Paper Pliers staff. It would be better to re-post or share instead.

3. We greatly appreciate if you tag us in your photos of your ordered Paper Pliers wire-written art. Please make sure that the setting of your post or your Instagram account is in ‘Public’. Otherwise, we won’t be able to see them.

Please use the following hashtags for reference: