My First Wire-Written Bookmark

I learned wire-writing by accident. It's not something I intended or really wanted to learn when I first bought an aluminum ring. I was thinking of teaching myself to wire-wrap jewelry. I got that idea when I attended the resin jewelry-making workshop resin jewelry-making workshop at Craft MNL.

Apart from attending workshops, I joined a local Artist Trading Card (ATC) event. There were 50 crafters registered for this event. The rule: within two months, we have to make 50 ATCs and 50 tags; then we have to trade it with 49 other crafters. It's mainly for the purpose of creating, sharing, and learning from each other. Why would I miss this chance?

Making 100 pieces of miniature artworks was not easy - especially that I just started crafting again after so many years. Yes, I draw and sketch every once in awhile. But the last time I made something crafty (e.g. mixed media, watercolor, colored pens) was when I made a birthday card to someone back in high school (which was a decade ago).

Unfortunately, half of the participants made more than 100 artworks. They made three sets of ATCs and two sets of tags. They even provided freebies (pen, washi tape, beads, etc...)

I feel so amateur (and foolish) wanting to be "crafty" again. So, just to compensate my wannabee artworks that they'll be receiving, I added freebies.

Since I love to read, I like the idea of wire bookmarks. I made this.

And made 48 pieces more.

Reminiscing this now, I can't believe that this was the foundation of the bookmarks that I am making today.

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