Hi there!

I'm Anrea, a Filipina wire artist based in New York City. I sell my works at my online gift shop, Paper Pliers.

I specialize in making names or words written in wire. I present them in bookmarks, accessories, and decor.

I started this journey chasing my curiosity of combining modern calligraphy font style and wire working. That was where I found my passion of wire-writing.

Seeing the delight sparked by the personalized bookmarks that I gifted to my co-workers, I found myself wanting to sell my works online.

I've always wanted to start a business, but never found the perfect product or industry that I truly believe in.

Handmade and one-of-a-kind creations perfectly captures my creative spirit.

On November 2014, I launched Paper Pliers’ Instagram and Facebook pages.

On top of fulfilling online orders, I attended craft markets, selling ready-made products and making on-the-spot personalized wire-written art.

As the sole woman managing this business, I find myself at the forefront of customer interactions, hearing the reasons behind their orders.

  • The girl who said "yes" to a prom proposal with the help of our bookmark,
  • The bride who felt an overwhelming sense of love from her bridesmaid when she received a bagtag,
  • A thoughtful friend who wanted to gift her friends a reminder,
  • And an aspiring accountant who ordered a personalized bookmark of her name with CPA at the end - serving as physical manifestation of her dream to be licensed - she passed!

Stories are the heart and soul of my work.

I recently moved from The Philippines with my family, opening to new horizons and audiences. With an open-mind and a curious heart, I'm excited to embark on this new chapter of Paper Pliers.

Follow me on my journey - on Instagram and on YouTube.


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